Sunday, December 19, 2004

what-have-yous of the day

It's 12:30 noontime and i just came from Paco Park in Manila,where a good friend's wedding was celebrated. What supposed to be a lazy sunday turned out to be a no-sleep early AM getting ready and psyched for the morning celebration.

Thing was, i attended a really late Xmas party at ipanema last night, an invitation from the guys and gals of IC. I was feeling a bit under the weather hours before that, but thankfully, i was able to get out of the house around that time --- after all, it IS a saturday! Anyhoo, met up with Mitzy and Paolo at The Coffee Bean (had to do a lil' store checkin') and had enough coffee to keep me up (or so i thought). We chatted for a bit before heading off to Ipanema, where the crowd was rockin' to the hifhof beat. Met the peeps i hung out with during the Bora trip, and got to meet a few new faces. I didn't drink much (2 beers) but i was able to have myself a really nice time chatting and catching up with everybody. Pao drove me home around 3, where i entertained myself by watching Friends (again!) on dvd.

Jason was online! :-D We got to chat and catch up, and i managed to hook up my webcam for him to see me. Gosh, i really miss him! I can't wait to see him again next year! Aww... two more weeks....

So, with a 6am pick up going to the church from another friend, Jitz, i psyched myself not to sleep and instead get my clothes ready. Sure enough, Jitz came by around 6 and we headed off to Lizzie's place (another invited barkada).

I guess we overestimated how long it would take us to get to the church (we though it would be traffic going there, since we were passing by the church where FPJ's body lies) and ended up being really early for the wedding (the invite said 830, we came in an hour early!) So, with time in our hands, we ended up grabbing breakfast at a nearby McDonald's and grabbing a cuppa joe at Starbux before heading back to the church.

+ + +

The wedding was a small and intimate affair --- family and close friends were present and sadly for our barkada, only 3 of us came.Still, it was such a very nice affair because we truly got to see our friend's happiness being realized. They held teh reception in the park (outside of the church) a garden brunch which had such a romantic feel you can't help but like :-)

Weddings are such weird occasions for me. I have the tendency to do the opposite of what everybody does (call it my rebellious streak) and for this event, i wasn't crying my eyes out like everybody else, just a bit disconcerted and dazed throught the whole time. I am very happy for Terence and Kookie, though. It's so obvious that they are truly happy and content to be finally together, bound legally. Their darling daughter, Sam, is such a sweet and smart kid! *sigh* It's sad and somewhat melancholy when you think about your friends moving on and being "grown-ups" now... Lizzie, Jitz and I mused about it all throughout the reception, thinking how much has changed...

Anyway, we left around lunch time, after the bouquet had been thrown, the garter has been slung and yes, the bride and groom had said their thanks to all those who came. It's a tearful (Lizzie was crying everytime somebody cried) and a very happy event. Awww.....

I wonder who's next in the barkada?

+ + +

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hlF said...

wow! then it was arnold, now it's terence... everybody's getting hitched. geee... one thing for sure, next person isn't gonna be me! haha!

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